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A Write Good!: The News report — “All the story, plus lies!

(DES MOINES) An animal welfare group responsible for spilling red paint on a butter cow sculpture at the Iowa State Fair is threatening to intensify their attacks until a fearful public shakes its head in annoyance and mutters, “Well, I never!”

“You have forced our hand and now butter must suffer!” read a news release from the Iowans for Animal Liberation that claimed responsibility for the vandalism. “Sorry! Enjoy the rest of the fair.”

The cow, which is constructed of 600 pounds of butter over a wood and metal armature, is housed in the fair’s refrigerated room with other butter sculptures. To gain access to the display, the animal welfare activists hid in the Agriculture Building disguised as beets.

The butter was quickly patched and paint damage to the sculpture was repaired through an art restoration process described as “wiping it off.”

The words “Freedom for all” were scrawled on a display window – part of a “wake-up call” to those who consume animal products, the news release explained.

“We really argued about that wording,” noted the statement. “Ernie and Celeste were insisting on ‘Stop me before I sauté again!’ We couldn’t tell if they were kidding because, we are told, we have no sense of humor.”

Animal welfare activists plan protests of lab-grown meat once they figure out which part is the animal.

Animal welfare activists plan protests of lab-grown meat once they figure out which part is the animal.

The Iowans for Animal Liberation have threatened to embolden their stance through the future protests of their international organization, the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants. That organization’s next target will be the recently unveiled laboratory-grown beef developed by Dutch scientists who hope one day to alleviate world hunger.

“We’re gonna kick the shit out of that one just as soon as we figure out why it’s wrong,” said activists.

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