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Here’s a real thought piece. Not that dogs are going to think about it.

Why Everyone Hates Your Dog, By Which I Mean My Dog

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Dogs love children! And not just as a viable food source.

This mother asks Budleigh the terrier:

“Dear Budleigh.

Do you get along with kids? My toddler is infatuated with dogs. She won’t go anywhere without her toy “Fooby”. But somehow she’s detached both Fooby’s ears and split a seam where he once had a tail. Could that behavior be a problem someday? How can I prepare her for a world full of canines?”

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Like humans, canines have been known to bully their own species, although they rarely steal lunch money and never send harassing texts due to the absence of thumbs.

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“If you prick us, do we not bleed? If you machine wash us, do we not shred?” (The Merchant of Venice and his Dog: Act 3, Scene 1.)

Tug toys are people, too!

The latest cartoon from our litter-mate blog, Sleeping between Giants.

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What’s a healthy food choice for dogs? Roscoe the Beagle doesn’t care.

Advice columnist Budleigh, a licensed terrier, shares his views on what humans think and what their dogs do.

Sorry we said “dog do”.

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Cautious to avoid red tape and complicated forms, prospective pet owners often steer clear of adopting shelter dogs.

However, the process is no more difficult than purchasing a pair of last season’s jeans that, without your intervention, would have been euthanized.

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into-the-woods-final-for-write-goodThe latest on The Dogs Strip.

Which isn’t a dirty as it sounds.

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