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While Americans worry over the plight of affordable health care, their dogs are more anxious than they’ve been since the Great Bacon Rebellion of 1890.

Dogs, of course, aren’t concerned for themselves, but for us, their Giants. As socially cooperative pack animals, they long ago solved their health care challenges through a system of eating grass, then throwing up. Coincidentally, a similar measure for humans is being considered by Congress, although it would eliminate many grasslands and restrict where the insured could puke.

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Budleigh and Brisby review the latest healthcare plan, because everyone gets sick and many have fur.

Who will bark for the voiceless?

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final-panel-for-writegoodBudleigh and Brisby, protecting our tiniest borders!

Executive ordering dogs around

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Share it with your friends, especially those with thick, lustrous fur!

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into-the-woods-final-for-write-goodThe latest on The Dogs Strip.

Which isn’t a dirty as it sounds.

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It’s a belly rub for the soul!

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the-allegory-continues-for-write-good(Singing) “Which side are you oooon….”

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Mammals everywhere will be grateful!

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Sleeping between Giants, my blog about life, if you could call it that, with a terrier will go live soon.

Chockablock with my essays, cartoons, Ask a Terrier advice column and more, Sleeping between Giants promises to be the Internet’s most entertaining arrangement of pixels ever!

Check back here for updates!

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